How Much Can I Save with a Heat Pump in New Brunswick?

One of the main selling points of heat pump technology is the potential for big energy savings. Many approach their home heating professional to ask, “How much will I save with a heat pump in Moncton NB?” This isn’t an unreasonable question, since the cost of the system itself is an investment — consumers want to see a return in the form of lower home energy bills.

How Much Will A Heat Pump Save Me In Moncton?

When asking how much will a heat pump save me in Moncton, it’s important to understand there are several factors that can affect that final figure. The potential energy savings can run up to 60% of your current monthly costs. The savings depend largely on the current heating system you use, and your preferred interior temperature.

Savings for Customers Using Electric And Oil Heat

Customers experiencing the greatest savings are those currently using electric heat. Not only is the installation of the system typically fast and easy, the savings are practically immediate. Homes currently on oil heat will also experience savings over the long term, though the upfront costs are sometimes greater.

The amount of savings is highly dependent on the choices you make after installation of the system. Home heating professionals recommend that to realize savings, you keep the system at the same temperature you were accustomed to prior to installation. It isn’t uncommon for heat pump users to lower their home temperature a degree or two, as the heat from a heat pump moves around the room such that many feel warmer even at a slightly lower temperature.

Older Homes Could Benefit From An Energy Audit

For homes older than 35 years, it’s a good idea to have an energy audit prior to installing a heat pump to identify any weak points in the insulation. Eliminating drafts and ensuring all points are properly sealed will help you to maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

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