How Exactly Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are an exciting home heating and cooling option that promises energy efficient comfort throughout the year. The technology, though, isn’t as familiar to many as more traditional home heating options. Perhaps you’re wondering, “How does a heat pump work for a Moncton home?” Read on to discover more about how they work.

Heat pumps are clever systems that were devised using principles of thermodynamics to extract heat from the air outside and bring it indoors. They boast superior energy efficiency over traditional methods of home heating because the energy they use is exclusively for moving heat. No extra energy is needed to create the heat itself. This technology is also reversible, cooling the indoors during the warm summer months.

The Key To Heat Pump Technology

The key to heat pump technology is the refrigerant in the system, the same substance that works to keep your refrigerator cool. Heat pumps have refrigerant-filled coils that sit inside an outdoor unit. The temperature of the refrigerant is lower than the outside temperature when in its liquid form. As the outside air passes over the coils, the existing heat is drawn in because heat flows from areas of higher temperature to areas of lower temperatures.

This heat starts a process of warming liquified gas in the heat pump, producing vapour that is then forced through a compressor. The compressor increases the pressure and temperature, producing sufficient heat to be distributed indoors.

Go Ahead, Leave The Heat Pump On

Heat pumps, once running, create a continuous loop of heat capture and distribution. They work best when left on, instead of powering up and down. In fact, many find that running their system continuously still results in lower home heating bills than with traditional methods.

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